USER'S GUIDE TO THE HUMAN BODY Many of us take better care of our houses and our cars than our bodies, and yet our bodies are our homes since the time we were born. Raise our consciousnesses about our bodies.  Understand the change from quadruped to biped, alternating muscle masses, penises and vaginas (did that get your attention?). Learn Tom Myers (my favorite anatomist)'s enlightened view of anatomy. People 'inhabit their bodies in different ways'; Discuss K.Q. (Kinesthetic Quotient, the bodily equivalent of I.Q.).  Time permitting, we will break into groups and do a simple sheet massage (fully clothed, no oils, dress comfortably).   Content adjusted to suit the needs of the population.

Most Profound Touch
Foot Massage
Massage Songs
Most Wanted Touch
Blind Sculptor
Circle massage
Puppy Pile
Sheet Massage
Chair Massage
Thai Massage
MASSAGE DEMO/LECTURE : Many people think of massage as pampering because it feels good. But it feels good because you are getting a physiologically better-functioning body. Seldom seen live demonstration (on a volunteer, possibly pre-arranged) & explanation.  Touch, connection, reciprocity are all metaphors for relationship. We are at our most relaxed state during and post-massage. We are capable of opening up, letting down our defenses, of making ourselves vulnerable, of accessing what comes closer to 'core energies'. We feel massage can bring us out of lives that are too full of institutions, and so cluttered by role-playing that we hardly know who and what we really are.  (We are so busy donning masks to suit the occasion, to fit the setting, to attend to the business at hand.  Our armoring serves us well in the office and the world-at-large, but gets in the way when it comes to intimacy, when we NEED to make ourselves vulnerable.  Massage can release the tension that holds all this armoring, and bring us into our authentic selves, present and in the moment. Thus massage breaks down barriers to intimacy.) Interactive.

CHAIR MASSAGE:  Boost productivity AND morale, a reward for meeting a deadline, or to say " we care". Which would you appreciate more, another knick-knack this gift of health?  Suggest this to your supervisor, offer this to your employees.  Everything goes better.
Offices Family Gatherings Benefits Athletic events Pool Parties

EMOTIONAL ANATOMY and LOVE AS A SOMATIC(BODY) EXPERIENCE. "Feelings have a somatic architecture." Thus says Stanley Keleman, author of Emotional Anatomy . Emotions are reflected in our bodies. Postures of anger, rage, collapse, terror, startled, ridigity, retreat, collapse, defeat take up residence in our muscles. You can probably identify some of the states just by looking at a body. (including 'stuck' places and 'fluid' places).

FOOT MASSAGE (REFLEXOLOGY ) Your feet literally support you 24-7-365, yet seldom get respect. Learn some basic anatomy and then we will partner up and do a basic foot massage. Parts of the foot correspond to the rest of the body, so you can access internal organs that way. Wear comfortable clothing, bring towels, pillows, lotion if you like. Develop a skill you can bring closeness and relaxation to any relationship you have now or forever. May be used for birthdays, anniversaries, hospital visits, comfort, and it's FREE!. Prepare to get VERY relaxed!!!

MASSAGE SONGS: A variety of familiar tunes with massage lyrics:
"O Give me Strokes, Lots of Strokes." to "O Give Me Land"'
"To the Tables of Masseuses." to "To the Tables down at Mory's."
"Onward Wounded Healers" to "Onward Christian Soldiers."
"To massage or not to massage, that is the question." to Hamlet's soliloquy

•  maximizes the therapeutic effects of massage
•  first time on a trial basis I will bring the table/sheets/linens
•  Once we set up a regular program, you provide
•  wonderful welcoming gift to a guest, an elderly relative, a friend in need of stress relief.

Home-cooked food & lodging included, massage tables/linens/oils provided , 5 supervised training sessions, (each includes of a demonstration, then A massages B and B massages A), 30-page manual, PASSPORT TO TOUCH, Relationship activities, 4-5 couples form a strong community, location negotiable