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Could your body use a tune-up? Sometimes we take better care of our houses and our cars than our bodies, even tho our bodies are our homes since the day we were born (and before)!

Increasing medical evidence shows the value of touch. In a research project at Harvard Medical School a number of patients all about to undergo similar operations were divided into two groups. The anesthetist visited all the patients the night before the operation. To one group he gave the usual information about the procedure for the following day. He gave similar information to the other group, but spent about five minutes longer with each patient: he sat on the bed, held the patient's hand, and was warm and sympathetic. After the operation, patients who had received the friendly approach asked for only about half the quantity of drugs that the others requested, and on average were discharged from the hospital three days earlier. This suggests the powerful effect that friendliness, combined with warmth, sympathy and touch, can have on general health.

I offer professional touch in a personal way. I interview each person about how they use their body, any recent injuries, surgeries, tightnesses. Then I negotiate the body with my hands, to see which strokes, speeds, depths, and so forth most effectively relax it. You, too, can have an
optimally functioning body.

I look forward to seeing you on my table in the near future.

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