You are a person who is never likely to rub me the wrong way.? Ken T.
I feel that I have a completely new body!!! That was a transformative massage!  
“Manus de Oros” (Spanish for ‘hands of gold') a friend called in desperation one Sunday morning (I was at church!); his Argentinian woman-friend had reached down to pick something up, and collapsed in severe back pain. She could not move, and was crying. When I arrived, she was still on the floor in pain. I proceeded to soften the tissues very very gradually (the body only ‘gives' so much at a time). (from an man who was an insurance adjuster and suffered severe back pain years after an automobile accident) Michael T.
Under you I am not ‘covered', but I've gone to all the therapists under whom I am covered. They didn't help; you help so I come to you .” Michael R.
I look forward to seeing you again as both the physical and mental pressures of daily life fall onto my shoulders and you seem to be the only one to be able to lift them. D.M.
Thank you again and, as they say in Korea, a hundred thousand times more. Pete
Jan Owens gives an amazing Ashiatsu massages. Many of the strokes are firmer than one can receive via more traditional (hand) massage techniques, and the use of gravity really helps on this front. Overall, it was a relaxing yet invigorating experience. This was one of Jan's very first massages using the Ashiatsu method, and one can only imagine that her Ashiatsu massages have become even more sublime as she perfects her technique.


May 25, 2007

After completing my move to the state of Delaware I began my search for a new massage therapist. I searched directories and on-line for what I hoped to be a satisfactory replacement for my wonderful therapist in the North Country. I happened upon a website called "keep in touch massage" and decided to schedule a one hour session. To my great delight I met a mature, intelligent woman who engaged my in conversation to discover what I was searching for in body work. We discussed various massage modalities and techniques and after a pleasant conversation and "getting to know you" time Jan suggested I get on the table and we began our session. What followed was absolute perfection. Jan combined a number of modalities to include range of motion, light touch, deep muscle stimulation, relaxation and strokes I couldn't describe but relaxed and stimulated my body at the same time. When the session was over I wished I had scheduled a 2 hour time frame. This was not a cookie cutter massage. It was tailored for me. I have been to Jan many times since our first session and each time is different and yet the same. Jan has the ability to know what is going on with my body and is able to adjust her massage to adapt to these circumstances. Jim Ehler, Dover, DE
"I had a lot of energy in the solar plexus and in the diaphragm. I am experiencing an anticipatory wave/surge . I'm experiencing ( surfer's) Hang 10 (where all ten toes are gripped around the leading edge of the board). I'm out their on the edge of my being (toes over the edge of the board) looking to catch ‘The Big One'. There is a lot of energy in the solar plexus and in the diaphragm. {Me: The solar plexus is associated with the diaphragm. One of the signs I look for in a receiver, a huge ‘letting go' breath. Most of us are shallow breathers; normal tensions and stresses dampen the breath wave to a more shallow level. I see/hear the huge ‘letting go' breathe and I say to myself: “The breath wave is changing. Now }we're getting somewhere. The diaphragm is resetting at a more relaxed state. Barb H, Newark, DE

"Jan, Thank you for the amazing massage on Wednesday. I loved the Ashiatsu work, FINALLY someone was able to apply the necessary pressure to get my back muscles into shape. I appreciated the standard massage techniques as well. I felt so good on my trip home and into the following day that I was able to get through Thursday pain-free."