OUR MISSION : Ease and generosity of movement for all.


SIGNIFICANT EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES: Omega Institute, Rhinebeck , New York; Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California and Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

1996 - 1997 Deep Muscle Therapy School of Delaware (DSSMT)
1998 - Touch for Health, Lisa Schad (DSSMT)
1999 - Reiki, Nanc Mattila (Temenos) (DSSMT)
1999 - Pregnancy Massage, Ellen Hutton (DSSMT)
2000 - Watsu, Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown , California
2000 - Advanced Massage, Esalen Institute, Big Sur , California
2000 - Sacred Space Institute, Deborah Anapol (Kirkridge, Bangor , PA )
2001 - graduated from Delaware School of Shiatsu and Massage Therapy (DSS&MT)
2003 - Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Watsu & Bodywork Center , Harbin Hot Springs , CA
2005 - Anatomy Trains, Tom Myers, Swedish Institute, NYC
2006 - Russian Massage, Diane Snover, DSSMT
2007 - AOBT: ASHIASU Oriental Bar Therapy, Karen Lay and Ron Carter, The Massage Center
2010 - SHOULDER, Tom Myers, NYC
2010 - IMMT Integrative Muscular Movement Technique (Cervical, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic)
2011 -ASHI-THAI, Ron Carter, The Massage Center , Wilmington , DE

Thai massage, Ashi-Thai, Swe-Thai, Mashing, Sheet Massage, BodyMindSpirit Chakra Course, Lomi Lomi & more

, by Ashley Montagu;
Office Hours of White House Physician, by Janet Travel
Myofascial Trigger Points, by Janet Travel; Cradle of Erotica
Job's Body, by Deane Juhan
Body Cubed, by Tom Myers
Anatomy Trains, by Tom Myers
Emotional Anatomy, by Stanley Keleman
Love: A Somatic Perspective, by Stanley Keleman
The Spinal Engine, by Serge Gracovetsky
The Body Has a Mind of Its Own, by Matthew and Sandra Blakeslee

1996 - present Developed successful private massage practice
2002 - Teacher, Anatomy & Physiology, DSS&MT
2002 - present Couples Massage Weekends
2003-7--SUUSI Couples Massage Workshops
2007 - UUFN Health and Wellness Workshop, event organizer
(presenter of workshops:
User's Guide to the Human Body
Emotional Anatomy
Foot Massage)
2008 - "Sheet Massage" workshop for International Primal Association(IPA) Fall Retreat
May 2009 thru present •  Massage Therapist, VA Hospital, Elsemere , Delaware
2009_ staff massage therapist and workshop for International Primal Association (IPA) Annual Conference
Pilot Study: Effect of Massage on DE Vets with PTSD, VA Hospital, Spring, 2011.