I regard myself as a sensorimotor educator, informing the body of its potential for comfort and ease of movement.  I help the body increase its range of motion, give up its tension, and relax.  Most of us take better care of our houses and cars, yet our bodies are our homes from the day we are born (or earlier!).  We need to take a more enlightened view of our bodies through food, exercise, enrichment, tune-ups. 

Many people think of massage as pampering, because it feels so good. But the reason it feels so good is that massage gives you an 'optimally functioning body'.

If you Google 'bodywork' you will find many places that will take the dents out of your car!  When a vehicle's alignment is off, it manifests as uneven tread wear and loss of tire life.  When a human body's posture is off, a range of problems result.  These include restricted ROM, pain, organ/nerve/muscle/joint dysfunction, and joint/tendon/ligament/muscle stress (just for starters). 
The body has an ideal position.  If it is balanced and harmonized, it runs smoothly and for a long time.  A mechanic will put the car in neutral and check the wheel positioning.  This is analagous to a postural analysis.  Is there "toe-in"/internal rotation, "toe-out"/external rotation, FHP (Forward Head Position?  Is there spiral line flexibility? Are there good flexion and extension curves acting as shock absorbers? A good massage is a good tune-up.  A good massage will give you an optimally functioning body. 


    Our culture is in denial that we have bodies at all; we can have clothes, but we can't have bodies unless there is something medically wrong with them.  So much of human anatomy and physiology is cluttered with long multisyllabic Latin names that actually inhibit understanding of our bodies.  The concepts are simple; the language is not. 
   I love designing educational experiences for "USER'S GUIDE TO THE HUMAN BODY".

     Touch is a boundary experience; the body is constantly deliberating: ME or NOT ME. We don't experience our physical boundaries until they are touched. This has psychological and emotional impacts. We need to reclaim our bodies and decolonize our minds from outside occupation.

Jan Owens