RESTORES FLEXIBITY of mind and body
Relieves aches and pains due to muscular tension
Improves thought processes
Releases endorphins
Promotes wellness
Restores choice to the muscles
Relieves stress
Reduces blood pressure
Enhances circulation
Feels wonderful

Tiffany Field's TOUCH RESEARCH INSTITUTE in Miami Beach, Florida has done important scientific research verifying and validating to the Western World the many benefits of massage. Here are some of the conclusions:
•  Facilitates Weight Gain In Pre-Term Infants
•  Reduces Stress Hormones
•  Alleviates Depressive Symptoms
•  Reduces Pain
•  Improves Immune Function
•  Alters EEG In Direction Of Heightened Awareness
•  Lowers Aggressiveness In Adolescents
•  Decreases Anxiety And Stress Hormones (Cortisol) Level
•  Decrease Asthma Symptoms

In Autistic Children, Dancers & Musicians:
•  Improves ROM,
•  Improves Mood,
•  Improves Performance (Including Balance & Posture)
•  Decreases Stress
•  Improves Sleep, Lowers Substance P Levels & PLA in Fibromyalgia

In HIV Positive
• Reduces Anxiety, Stress, Cortisol
• Improves Immune Function